A New Field

Sometimes we try to achieve the same result, without changing dynamics.

If I continue sowing in barren ground how do I expect to get fruit?
If I want to harvest apples, how can I continue to sow cherry seeds?
It sounds so logical, but strangely complicated! We often invest hours, time, health to get results, but the how, the where, the with whom continue to be wrong.

A Bible verse states: “Till a new field, and do not sow among thorns!” (Jeremiah 4: 3)

Sometimes all we need to do is change terrain, change sides, change areas … Persistence is important, but understanding what I am looking for and where I am looking for it is as important as it is.
Of course if I need to repair the car I will not go to a dentist .. As much as I persist in asking him to fix the engine, that is not his job!
It is time to understand where we are sowing … it is time to understand what we wish to harvest.

It’s time to change what doesn’t and has never worked.

The time is now !!

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