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On August 9, the postage stamp dedicated to the great reporter Enzo Biagi, icon of journalism, was issued by the Italian Post Office.

“I traveled the world as a reporter, but basically I never went away from Pianaccio”

is the sentence engraved on the stamp that Enzo himself once pronounced to describe his attachment to origins and his being down to earth despite his fame and work experience.

“Dad knew how to speak in the same way with a Head of State, with an intellectual, with the pharmacist, with the teacher and with a postman”

, says his daughter Bice, who was pleasantly surprised by the commemorative gesture for the father to whom the citizen natale even titled the street in front of the house.

Enzo, the great master of journalism, would have turned one hundred this year in August, and the Pianaccio community wanted to commemorate him in front of the house where he was born, embracing the mission of Poste Italiane, which is to tell about small villages that would otherwise be forgotten.

Poste Italiane is still present today throughout the national territory, for its social mission of offering a service to all communities.

“I had already seen the inauguration of squares, bridges, arteries – continues Bice – but here, this mountain road in front of the house has a very special value and meaning”.

The stamp, printed by the State Polygraphic Institute and Mint, has the value of tariff B, ie € 1.10 and has a circulation of 400,000 copies, available at post offices with a philatelic counter and on the poste.it website.

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