Gyms and swimming pools closed: a serious mistake

The new closures penalize sport operators. Unfortunately, the vital function of sport in our country is not yet an acquired cultural fact, despite the proclamations and the multiplication of ejaculations in recent days.

Gyms and swimming pools are safer places than supermarkets, restaurants, bars and other public establishments, including the uninterrupted entertainment industry, says Antonino Viti, president of ACSI (Italian Sport Centers Association).

It is not clear why the CTS  (scientific technical committee) insists on considering gyms and swimming pools that comply with protocols and safety at risk, as evidenced by the numerous checks of the NAS intervened in record time in the last week.

It is not clear why the Minister of Health does not see in the function that sport exercises for the state of psycho / physical well-being, a social opportunity, and that it produces a considerable benefit on health expenditure.

It is not clear how the Minister of Health Economy has not realized that gyms, swimming pools and operators in the sports sector (instructors, technicians, etc.) are primary components of a true social enterprise whose compensation cannot be compensated by the € 600 donation.

During the lockdown, the percentage of obesity in our country increased significantly, to the detriment of the health of citizens, and gyms and swimming pools did their utmost to provide a valid aid in the same way as an excellent health facility for the balance between body, movement and performance.

Sport is economy and social service, jobs and educational opportunities risk going up in smoke, continues Antonino Viti, surprising and at the same time worrying the news that the Minister of Sport has been unheard by the CTS and the Minister of Health.

Closing sport is equivalent to blocking the future!

Reopen sports, swimming pools and gyms!


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