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Edmond Bordeaux Szekely

Paraphrasing the book by ‘Edmond Bordeaux Szekely – the conquest of death – here are some observations about the immune system that can change our perspective during this pandemic.

“Scientific experts as the rest of human are equally ignorant of the process going on inside them, the mistery of life. Otherwise professors of biology and physiology would not be found eating without a qualm food selected and prepared by an ignorant cook. If we follow the laws of nature we render ourselves immune to every possible infection. Illnesses are the consequences of disobeying natural law. If we do not upset the natural physiological processes of our organism with unnatural foreign elements, no inferior process can enter our systems. Even if a number of infusoria, bacteria or the bacilli of certain epidemics penetrate our organism, they cannot find in it the preconditions of their existence and must soon disappear.”

In a clean, detoxicated organism they can have no function. They perish in the inner vital fire of system like little insects in the fire or fish upon dry land. Accordingly we have complete immunity because our vital forces, which were previously paralysed by the struggle with the inferior processes, are set free and become able to fight with all their force against the inferior elements which chance to have invaded our organism. By reforming our diet and following a way of life designed to regenerate us, with the help of the vital elements (sun, air, water and earth), and by exercises and conscious breathing, we shall find, even after a few months, that we no longer catch cold. The longer the organism has been sick, the longer the process of regeneration will take. But it can always be achieved as long as there is life, because from the very first moment of our natural life the vital forces in the body start to act; the reign of life begins.

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