Already known at the end of the 70s for having dealt with the so-called dark evil (male oscuro) that struck Naples in those years, the internationally renowned virologist from Messina, Prof. Giulio Tarro, returns to be heard loudly on the occasion of Covid 19. Openly disappointed for measures taken by the Government and by bad media “information”, in his book “The virus of fear” written in collaboration with Francesco Santoianni, explains how counterproductive a further lockdown is for the health and economic system by making an accurate analysis of the characteristics of the virus and a statistic of “real” deaths from covid 19.

The description of the book reads:

<< They continue to terrify us by announcing that we should “get on with the virus”. And so, while many countries are returning to full normality, in Italy masks are expected for children at school and vaccines for everyone. It is imposed by the same people who, in order to keep us locked up at home for months, terrified us by telling us about a virus 28 times more lethal than it was in Germany and preventing it from being known that, already in March, the infected in Italy were millions . The same people who prevented home medical assistance, thus forcing the sick to die of hospital infections (which, every year in Italy, take 50,000 people away). The same people who transformed Italians into hypochondriacs and puppets operated by “experts” on TV.
This book, in addition to documenting scientific aspects of the epidemic (misrepresented by TV and newspapers), analyzes the lies, inconsistencies, errors, defaults, defamations … that have transformed an emergency into a massacre and which still weigh on about our future >>.

Very strong statements, counter-information that opens up new food for thought on a reality in which the confusion of information and thought and above all of health , reigns supreme .

Emphasis was also placed on the failure to strengthen the territorial medicine network to treat patients at home and on the hospital-centric model, totally unsuccessful and misaligned with the increase in hospitalizations.

In some interviews Tarro expressed his disappointment at considering the asymptomatic an “infector”. Being a “healthy carrier” – he says – it has a very low viral load and therefore not contagious and not dangerous.

He also noted his stance on vaccines and treatments. He makes it a political and not a scientific matter. In fact, he openly declared that “there was no vaccine for the first SARS, nor for the second SARS, but for this Sars we get to sign a vaccine for 400 million that does not exist but should exists.
We do not go to invest with citizens’ money in this way. Also because serotherapy ( transfusions of hyperimmune blood donated by other infected patients and cured by Covid-19), already exists and works on antibodies “; .

Plasma, therefore, would be more suitable for a RNA virus since it is a specific remedy for the most serious patients .

Valeria Barbagallo

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