South Of Italy; Waste Management On Trial

State crime is the expression that best summarizes the story that led to the dissolution of the municipal council of Misterbianco, a beautiful sicilian town in the province of Catania exploited by the abuse related to the waste recycling mafia. 

This story highlights how some dispositions desired by higher legislative bodies with superior hierarchies put in place to fight crime, can even be exploited by the political power. 

The dissolution of the city council took place due to mafia infiltrations, and paradoxically this resignation was wanted by the mafia itself. In fact, due to this municipal dissolution, it was no longer possible to apply the measures desired by the state to close the town’s landfill. 

All this took place in the nineties and continues to happen now, in fact in 2019 the city council was again dissolved due to mafia infiltrations. After many years the citizens of Misterbianco and the people of Catania are still waiting for the landfill to close. 

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