An Orchid

Love works in mysterious ways. If we allow it, if we believe and trust with all our hearts, everything will come to us without effort.

Love is the only thing that can open certain doors and bring us close to the people who can help us and support us on our path. It puts us in the correct place in the perfect moment only when we stop talking so much to our neighbour instead of asking the source directly.

Just thinking about God lifts us away from our problems. Being thankful for what we have automatically changes our mood. There are always good reasons to be thankful.

The indigo Children say,

” If you imagine and believe that something will happen, it happens. If you imagine it but you don’t believe it, it will be difficult for it to happen. ”

It is about having faith and not ‘waiting for’ or ‘wishing’ for something to happen. Having faith is being open to the possibilities. It means that we are willing to allow life to surprise us, that we dare to enter into the unknown and to stop being afraid of what appears uncertain to us.

Whenever someone has faith, his/her heart opens. Many times we remain stuck and go around in circles in the same place for lack of faith and fear of the unknown.

It is worth it to learn from the seed, which despite its inability to imagine itself an orchid, has the courage to open, get broken, and give itself earth’s surface and emerge to the light.

A heart full of pain cannot imagine what it feels like to be loved or to be at peace. And that is how it is with everything.

Many times we have to break with old patterns, old ways of thinking, and old beliefs. This implies having to pass through a dark tunnel, and at times having to feel pain, but it is the only way to come out ahead and to see the light.

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