Anco Marzio; IV King of Rome

With Anco Marzio Rome goes through a warlike but at the same time profitable and fruitful moment.

Anco, Nephew of Numa Pompilius the priest king, restores all the religious authorities canceled by Tullo Ostilio but, like him, continues the wars begun under his reign that will lead Rome to further expand its borders.

The bloodiest repression takes place against the civil and refined neighbors, the Etruscans, a war without the possibility of surrender that will bring the Romans under the walls of the city of Volsci, (the current Vulcim), the Caput Etrurie, where the inhabitants have barricaded themselves .

The wars against other rival or neighboring cities will also continue, the deported inhabitants, the Celio will also be incorporated where Anco Marzio will have the city walls extended.

First Romans Infrustructures

With a solid project to bring more trade to Rome, since the Tiber can be navigated to its mouth, he will build the first colony of Rome, Ostia Antica, to have an outlet to the sea.

The foundation of the first colony also constituted the construction of the first real Roman road, the ‘via ostienze’, where he also had the salt pans elaborated, salt, extremely precious was also used as a currency of exchange and as a pay system, from here comes our way of call the salary received monthly, that is, the salary.

Anco Marzio was also responsible for the construction of the first stable wooden bridge over the Tiber, the Pons Sublicius. Follow the first port on the Tiber, Porto Tiberino.

Tradition also links him to the rites followed by the Feials at the beginning of a war that did not displease the gods, the just war.

Latins, Etruscans fell under his reign and pockets of Sabine resistance were swept away.

His reign ended after twenty-six years and died of natural death, he will be the last king of Roman descent to ascend the throne, the last three will all be Etruscans, for a mixture that still wants Rome to welcome anyone capable of bringing profit and glory .

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