I choose Faith

Faith is not a circumstance, but a continuous choice …

Faith is the certainty of things that are hoped for and does not depend on what I see but on what I choose to believe.

The Bible contains more than 8,000 promises, made by the One Who Can All. But the question is: do I choose to believe it?

One of the greatest errors that did not allow the children of God to conquer the promised land was their unbelief: “

… the word of the preaching was of no avail, not having been assimilated by faith by those who had it. listened to. ” (Hebrews 4: 2)

The word may be heard but not always believed! This is precisely the difference: choosing to believe in God’s promises, despite the appearance of things saying something else. Choose to listen to Divine opinion as opposed to human opinion. Faith is a gift that I can choose to discard or leave at a distance.

I choose faith!

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