Longevity and fasting

Apart from pain, nature has yet another mode of warning us of our disharmony. In sickness there is complete loss of appetite; it is the organism telling us that in the future we must not eat foods which have brought about our illness.

It is in this respect that man is most in error. Without a knowledge of physiological processes he is unable to follow a natural diet. Everything that he does increases the number of inferior processes in this organism and augments the degenerating chaos.

Wild animals are governed by their organs and senses which are able to react to every change in their environment; so they always follow a natural diet. This is the reason why mammals are able to choose the plants they eat in nature. They never err either in quantity or quality. Naturally, we are only referring to animals in complete freedom whose harmony has not been impaired by unnatural man.

Wild boars and other mammals exceed the age of two hundred because they instinctively follow a natural diet. It is only man who eats everything indiscriminately.

He arranges his meals by the clock and so his hunger is only a matter of habit and not a natural hunger.

The liquid circulating in his organism, which we call blood, is not blood at all but a confused liquid full of inferior fermentations caused by the introduction into the system of various foreign, unnatural elements which the organism vainly endeavours to eliminate.

His organic state is a perpetual struggle, resulting in nervous tension and strain upon the heart.

Edmond Bordeux Szekely

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