Today we have selected a new topic from Edmond Bordeaux Szekeley’s book – The Conquest Of Death.

The author describes the processes connected to a new life, where the awareness of the vital processes of our body take precedence over our life choices.

In our new life, even sleep assumes a new significance as it is simply a process of detoxication.

Since the poisons in our system will gradually grow less under a new way of living, our need for sleep,will also progressively diminish.

As to the amount of sleep required we must, as usual follow the promptings of our organism.
During deep sleep our eliminatory organs are most active. The circulation of the blood is undisturbed by any outside or conscious influence and accordingly eliminates all the products of oxidation and elimination through the appropriate channels.

The instinctive and unconscious activity of our organo-vegetative system is the law itself because our conscious cerebro-spinal system, the source of violation of the law is asleep.

The more natural our life, the less sleep we need. With a fruit and bread diet five hours’ sleep a day are enough, while a completely fruitarian organism in which the cells have been renewed is content with from two to three hours of sleep.

The final objective of the higher man is the attainment of perfect vitality, that is to say, the ability to assimilate directly and completely the elements of nature ( insulated air and water) in order to achieve optimal perpetuation of his omnilateral regeneration.

The conscious higher man should take from nature’s hands the reins of his own development and should , by the optimal creation of the omnilateral preconditions of his regeneration, secure the perpetuation of his improvement.

In him Nature becomes conscious of herself and aware of her own laws whose forces are no longer manifested in the transforming influence of millions of years of changes accumulated by chance.

On the contrary, man creates and improves by means of transformations based on pure knowledge of the law.

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