One step away from the Sicilian Mobster Provenzano

Secret negotiations between the Mafia and the Government in Italy. After the success of “Mafia Capitale” and “Capitale Infetta”, the journalist of “Il Fatto Quotidiano” Giampiero Calapà, returns to talk about Mafia with his new book “Ad un passo Da Provenzano “.

An unspoken story, secret pacts between the Sicilian mafia and the government in Italy that have come to light thanks to the research and documentation of the police inspector Alessandro Scuderi.

His career is intertwined with the Italian mafia events. Unpublished revelations of facts, evidenced by its presence in some episodes of arrests or interventions, such as the daring arrest of the mobster Totuccio Contorno or the failed attack on Addaura.

A new light that makes some passages clearer and brings you closer to the truth. Crucial is the story of Gino Ilardo, an important boss of Cosa Nostra who had almost managed to formalize the collaboration with the justice system.

Cosa Nostra intervened with an “accelerated” decision in the murder of Ilardo and in the light of the investigations conducted by Scuderi we can understand the reason of that speeding up.

Through this story we reach the heart, then unexplored, of the negotiations between the State and the Mafia, passing through the failed “arrests” of Provenzano.

In fact, alongside the one known in April 2006, we retrace the one that failed in 1995 in Mezzojuso, when the Ros of the carabinieri could have arrived at arrest precisely on the basis of Ilardo’s statements.

Perhaps it was missed another time, when after Ilardo’s murder the tracks traced by Scuderi were not followed.

A real meticulous map is this book, made up of farmhouses, rustical roads ‘trazzere’, sheepfolds shelters, places inhabited by Cosa Nostra fugitives. Furthermore, the author had managed to make an extraordinary reconstruction of the boss identikit, which portrayed him in 1997 with hard and severe features, very different from the face we see for the first time in 2006, resigned and aged.

Calapà after the careful reconstruction of the various pieces that make up the story, hopes that this book can also serve as a starting point for not committing the same mistakes of the past, precisely in a historical moment in which the last of the biggest fugitives of Cosa Nostra, Matteo Messina Denaro, is missing.

Valeria Barbagallo

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