Servius Tullius, the sixth king

Of Etruscan origin like his predecessor, the name betrays his humble origins, he was in fact born a war slave and served at the king’s residence.

Legend has it that as a child in a cradle a flame appeared above his head, an omen of greatness.
He ascended the throne remaining there for 48 years thanks to the miles of Tarquinio Priscus who, referring to the people of the conspiracy against the king by the sons of Anco Marzio, it was Tarquinio who indicated Servio Tullio as his successor.

It is the king who undoubtedly implements the most profound reforms that will act on the social fabric of Rome and will define its characteristics that will remain permanently and will also characterize it in subsequent eras.

First of all it divides the population into social classes and the plebeian class is born. Citizens are divided not only by birth privileges but also by arts, crafts and heritage.

This allows even those belonging to the humblest social classes to take over the army with the aim of increasing the number of armed men.
Until then Rome had only one legion of 3,000 soldiers called Romulea.

The first census is made and Rome has about 83,000 citizens between cities and provinces, the peoples that are part of it stop being classified by tribe but are divided into regions.
The temple of Diana on the Aventine and the temple of Mater Matuta and the temple of the Goddess Fortuna on the forum Boarium were built in the urban field. Rome therefore also became a great religious center.

Three other hills, Viminale, Quirinale and Esquilino are also annexed, the walls expanded and a moat built. The emperor Claudius will mention him in 48 AD in a speech held in the senate appealing him as: sovereign who governed bringing great profit to the state.

Her death occurs due to the betrayal of her daughter who wants her husband, Lucio Tarquinio to access the throne. The king is thrown from the stairs of a temple by his son-in-law after a heated argument but does not die, while he runs away on the street he will be hit by a chariot launched at a gallop driven by his own daughter.

The successor will go down in history as Tarquinio the proud and with him the season of kings ends and Rome will become a republic.

Emanuele Maria Pinto

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