The Origin Of Christmas

So since we are very close to celebrating Christmas with today’s video let’s try to talk about some aspects and this holiday that perhaps not everyone knows.

First of all, let’s start with why the choice of December 25 as a date. It is not at all coincidental, December 25th was a well-established holiday within the structure of the Roman Empire because the ‘Sol Invictus’ was celebrated, that is the winning sun which, having reached its lowest point on the horizon from 20 December, started again his ascent to the sky defeating the cold winter and bringing back the good season.

The custom of exchanging gifts was already in Auge; the famous strennas, so Christianity mixes those that were the festivities already present in a territory scattered with what are called pagan religions, because in fact there were many more than one. The Pantheon is an extraordinary example, and those instead the demands of a religion that is instead taking hold within the territory of a vast empire.

However, this mixture of events and festivities does not only concern Christianity; for example we run into this thing every time we start decorating the Christmas tree, which is not a Christian tradition.

Let’s say that we took it from the barbarian peoples of northern Europe but also the Celts had the custom of removing shoots from evergreen plants and bringing them indoors during the winter as a good omen for the new season.

So let’s just celebrate Christmas and do as we have always done, but let’s not forget that even the traditions that are part of ours and that seem very ancient to us may perhaps hide a story that is even more ancient.

Anyway, everyone a Merry Christmas and we’ll see you next time.

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