The end is different

We often see our future with the eyes of our past. Defeats, disappointments, life experiences, determine and condition our present. But we shouldn’t allow it, we shouldn’t accept it! Many biblical characters have had a bad start but their end has been victorious.

David, excluded from the family, nonexistent for his father, no one believed in him, with the exception of God who had already chosen and elected him as king. Esther, an orphan girl, alone, but chosen by God. He always knew that one day she would wear the crown, and so it was.

Jesus, born in a manger because there was no room for him, not always understood, often mocked, yet today he sits on the right hand of the Father.

If all these characters had chosen to stand still in what was their beginning, they would never have achieved what was then their glorious future. Let us not be intimidated by what we see now, but try to look at what God has for our tomorrow. The end will be different if we focus on looking at the goal instead of changing the starting point.

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