Blues Brothers and Sicily at the Montreal Festival

Renny Zapato

Even the Montreal Independent Film Festival is desperate to see the new Sicilian Blues Brothers.

Just three days after the highly anticipated free launch on the well-known YouTube platform, episode 0 of the web series born from the visionary pen of the unstoppable director Daniele Gangemi has already received well two very prestigious “Official Selection” in as many coveted international film festivals.

In fact, if it was already known of the interest immediately shown in the “gangemian” work by the kaleidoscope “Vegas CineFest 2020” in Las Vegas, Nevada, it is instead news only in the last hours that the “Fratelli Noir” are among the very few best works officially selected in competition for the month of October , among the thousands of works entered from all over the world, by the much coveted “Montreal Independent Film Festival”.

In fact, another “Official Selection” has arrived just a few hours ago for the two brothers from Catania private investigators played by the lucky couple made up of Renny Zapato and François Turrisi, already beloved by the large, hungry and demanding audience of the series born for the web.

This time it is the “Montreal Independent Film Festival”, in Québec, Canada to launch the Sicilian commedians. Another international festival that awards every month the best works entered in the competition from all over the planet and then at the end of the year establishes among all the winners of each month the absolute best of the year for each category.

Renny Zapato and Francois Turrisi

November 10 will be the day when the October winners will be discovered, among those officially selected in the competition, but for Gangemi the official selection in competition at international festivals of this caliber is already a victory in itself and he takes the opportunity to thank the artistic and technical cast for making this little dream a reality. The young director considers his team indispensable and asks precisely for this reason to list all the figures who contributed to the realization of this work, who immediately proved able to reach any goal.

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