Borders of the Roman Empire in Germany

One of the great unsolved mysteries in the history of the Roman Empire is the reason why at some point the empire decides to move the border of the German provinces from the Rhine River to the Elbe River, that is, 400 km further north.
The most imaginative historians speak of the fact that the emperor Augustus already had in mind, let’s say, an idea of ​​Europe. Why?

Unified Germany Let’s say that Europe was made. If you think about it from a logical point of view, however, perhaps the idea of ​​the entire conquest of Germany was basically used to try to get used to two fundamental needs of the Roman Empire.

The first is behind me, that is, the large quantity of wood available in these areas; predicted the great need for wood that the empire had … let’s just think of their public bath for example.

Above the town of Koblenz there is a castle. Inside the Castle there is a small museum, you can visit it for free among other things. In this museum the appearance of man in these areas is told through the archaeological excavations that have been carried out in the center of the city and therefore the technological shift that has brought the conquest of the Roman Empire in these areas is evident; a people of nomads who mainly engaged in hunting becomes a people of builders.
And this area is filled with big cities, because we must never forget that the Roman Empire was however a bearer of civilization and technology.

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